Mailing Address Change

When SnapGrow first started (one year ago!), we worked out of my apartment. This was a good arrangement for our early days but it had one unanticipated downside. Because it was both where I worked and where I lived, I had to become something of a verbal contortionist when referring to my 1000 sq. ft. rectangle in Worcester, MA's beautiful Main South neighborhood. If I was asking someone to come over for work-related reasons, I'd refer to it as "the office." If I was suggesting they come over for social reasons, I'd call it "my apartment." Cuong (who most of our customers know from emails and calls relating to EssentialOptimization) just called it "the lair," but I couldn't bring myself to adopt that term. I figured that I was already on the brink of a coolness tipping point and claiming to have a lair might make me need to wear sweaters in 90 degree weather.

Last December, SnapGrow moved into a single room of what was to eventually become our finished office at 40 Jackson Street. It took some time for the property manager to complete renovations, but it turned out better than we anticipated (we wrote a bit about our office earlier).

Throughout the time that SnapGrow was based out of my apartment and until very recently, we were using an unoccupied building (2 Ionic Ave.) just a few blocks closer to downtown Worcester as our mailing address. The price was right (we didn't have to pay for use of the mailbox), but while this frugal setup was good for our early days, it created confusion for a few people visiting our office and sometimes we'd go a few days without checking the mail. To avoid confusion and simplify things, we're going to receive all mail at our current office address going forward. Our customers should expect an email and a post card reminder of this in the coming days (although most of you never send us mail anyway).

Our office address and our official mailing address is:

40 Jackson Street
Suite 1110
Worcester, MA 01608