We've Been Busy

Unassembled SnapGrow Desk
Office desk with window
SnapGrow Desk

Time flies. While SnapGrow has been anything but dormant in just about every other respect, we have been completely silent on our blog, our Facebook page, etc. for a little while. One of the many things we've been busy with recently is getting up and running in our new office. Once we had the basics in place (chairs, whiteboard, redundant internet connections, and a fridge stocked with Diet Coke), it was time to build some working space.

After some spirited negotiating, we secured perpetual access (oddly, this transaction did not technically include ownership transfer) to a large table at a very reasonable price. The thing is solid and it can be “lit up” with power and data via outlets distributed every few feet throughout its entire length by connecting just one power cable and one ethernet cable at either end. Rumor has it that this unique piece of furniture was originally custom-built for a Canadian hedge fund. Regardless of its origin, it seems to meet our needs and match our space perfectly.

In addition to setting up this workstation and another desk, we spent some time on the weekends restoring the original brick walls. Taking on this project wasn't necessary, but it improved the look of the room, it increased the market value for future tenants (so the landlord was pleased), and the work itself (chipping, sanding, etc.) was therapeutic. Perhaps not surprisingly, cleaning up the brick dust was less inspiring.

Our principal focus, of course, has been on maintaining and growing our base of customers, improving our platform, and growing the company.

An increasing number of new customers have been referred by other businesses that already use SnapGrow. This is obviously a positive indicator for the company, but it is also personally rewarding each time we get referrals. In a sense, it validates the many long hours of hard work we've put into making SnapGrow the best internet marketing company.

The LeadLoop reporting interface has been completely overhauled. Sluggish load times are a thing of the past, and the updated, ajaxified user interface is easier to use and more attractive. We've by no means realized our ultimate vision for how SEM reporting should work, but we keep improving LeadLoop reporting, and it is already better than any other competing platforms we know of.

The SnapGrow team has reached an all-time high head count (still single digits, but not for long). Our thinking has evolved in terms of what type of people fit in at SnapGrow. The conclusions that we've drawn might make an interesting future blog post, but we'll say here that the aptitude to figure out the right thing to do and the confidence to just do it are at least as important as raw ability, intelligence, specific skills, etc. Fortunately, we've gotten better at identifying people who govern themselves this way, but nobody ever said that finding people who tenaciously think creatively on behalf of a larger mission would be easy.

In short, we've been busy. While being extremely busy is a side-effect of an expanding roster of customers, releasing new features on our platform, and a steadily growing business (all good things), at times we've crossed the line from being busy to being overwhelmed. Such is life in startup country. We will not be deterred.