Sign-Up: Workers' Compensation & Bankruptcy Law Firm - Cranston RI

Business Type: Workers' Compensation & Bankruptcy Law Firm
Business Location: Cranston, RI & Fall River, MA
Services Offered: Workers' Compensation, Work-Related Injury Cases, Personal Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Sign-Up Date: 05/09/2012
SnapGrow Services: LeadLoop, EssentialOptimization
Workers Comp

This well-established Cranston, Rhode Island law firm has many practice areas, but they've chosen to focus their LeadLoop campaign on generating phone call leads for Workers' Compensation and Bankruptcy cases. Specifically, their LeadLoop campaign will be comprised of hyper-focused ads that direct visitors to hyper-focused landing pages. Both the ads and the landing pages will precisely match the legal need included in the initial search term. Those familiar with SnapGrow will not find it surprising that, rather than a broad-based appeal, their LeadLoop campaign will specifically target a narrow subset of an already-narrowed subset of their potential clients.

They've also signed up for EssentialOptimization to increase their ranking on Google Places for two office locations. While EssentialOptimization does not and cannot offer the same precise level of trackability that LeadLoop does, they'll be able to see specifically where their law firm ranked per term at the start of each month and at the end of each month on Google Places, Bing Maps, and Yahoo! Local, along with a specific list of the work done in that period on their behalf. If they're not satisfied with the progress of their ranking in the local section of search engines, then they can stop at any point. Google Places optimization takes time, but EssentialOptimization typically shows meaningful progress in the first month, and it continues to improve each month going forward, so we expect they'll be relying on SnapGrow for their internet lead generation and Google Places optimization well into the future.