Sign-Up: Bankruptcy Law Firm - Providence, RI

Business Type: Bankruptcy Law Firm
Business Location: Providence, RI
Services Offered: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Personal Bankruptcy, Small Business Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Avoidance, and more.
Sign-Up Date: 10/11/2011
SnapGrow Services: LeadLoop

Close followers of our blog know that we've written about lead generation campaigns for lawyers and law firms several times in the past. We write about internet marketing for lawyers because we're good at it, and we do it often. Like all LeadLoop campaigns, this campaign will be custom-tailored to precisely match our client's objectives, style, and modus operandi, but it will lean heavily on our extensive knowledge and experience. So, while the specifics of this Rhode Island Bankruptcy Law Firm's campaign will be different than the lead generation campaign we run for Massachusetts' largest Bankruptcy Law Firm, we're more than familiar with what it takes to run a successful LeadLoop campaign for a Bankruptcy Lawyer.

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The client acquisition process starts when Steve or Sally is having financial trouble and they enter search terms like "chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer" or "stop my foreclosure" into Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. Our goal is to have this process end with Steve or Sally getting a clean slate and a fresh start financially, and the law firm that hired SnapGrow collecting thousands of dollars in legal fees. In the near future, we'll probably write more about what happens between the start and the end of the client acquisition process.

Call us strange, but we're fascinated by and passionate about writing ad copy targeting specific subsets of prospective bankruptcy clients, crafting informative but persuasive landing pages replete with tactful but compelling calls-to-action (CTAs), effective PPC bid management strategies, and everything else that goes into a successful lead generation campaign for a bankruptcy law firm.

Sign-Up: Floor Covering Showroom & Flooring Contractor - Wakefield, RI

Business Type: Flooring Company
Business Location: Wakefield, RI
Services Offered: Hardwood Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Ceramic Tiles, Carpets, & more.
Sign-Up Date: 10/10/2011
SnapGrow Services: EssentialOptimization

Purchased by two brothers about a year and a half ago, this floor covering company with a showroom in Wakefield, RI has been a successful local business for over 20 years. They specialize in the installation of residential flooring, including hardwood floors, laminate floors, ceramic tile, and multiple types of carpeting. Their service footprint extends from the South County area throughout the entire state of Rhode Island, and even into some parts of eastern Connecticut.

Carpet showroom

While the first two decades of this business were built on Yellow Pages advertising and positive word of mouth, almost immediately after the new owners took over, they cut the phone book expense, and they launched a web site. They also run a basic Google AdWords campaign. Their AdWords campaign doesn't allow them to match phone calls and leads to specific ads, keywords, and unique visitors, as would a LeadLoop campaign, but it ensures their presence on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords in the geographic areas they are targeting.

This flooring contractor and floor covering store signed up for EssentialOptimization because A) they were impressed with the results of the SnapGrow internet marketing campaign for another Rhode Island flooring company and B) because they respected our approach to maintaining SnapGrow clients month after month, by delivering results, not by signing them up to lengthy contracts. We are confident that an upgrade to LeadLoop will be take place soon, as we substantially improve & optimize their presence on Google Places, Bing Maps, Yahoo! Local, and other directories with their EssentialOptimization campaign.

Sign-Up: Landscape Construction Contractor & Garden Center

Business Type: Landscape Construction Contractor & Garden Shop
Business Location: North Smithfield, RI
Services Offered: Landscape Construction, Hardscaping, Swimming Pool Construction, Koi Ponds, Shrubs, Flowers, Plants, Decorations, & more.
Sign-Up Date: 10/06/2011
SnapGrow Services: EssentialOptimization

This family owned and operated, full-service landscaping company specializes in swimming pool installations, pool decks, hot tubs, koi ponds, patios and fences. They also supply and plant shrubs, as well as flowering and foliage plants, including annuals and perennials. They operate a retail flower and garden shop, where they sell floral arrangements, gift baskets, indoor and outdoor plants, Christmas trees, and seasonal decorations. Plants are also grown on premises for transplant to landscape construction project sites.

Landscaped garden

The owner is active in his community, where he serves as a member of the Zoning Board, and also coaches Little League. He designed and installed a fenced-in pool and patio for his own home that he uses as a demo for prospective clients—whom he invites into his home to see his work in person.

Upon examining Google Analytics for his website, it was evident that he is receiving relatively few unique visitors per month, and that more than half found his web site by searching for the exact name of his business. Further, there are search terms directly relevant to his business that trigger the inclusion of Google Places results on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for which he does not presently rank.

Since he will soon be going into his off season, he is starting with EssentialOptimization to correct and optimize his presence on Google Places, Yahoo! Local, Bing Maps, and other online local business directories, with the goal of bringing more foot traffic into the garden shop by making it easier to find online. This should position him well for the spring, when we will launch a LeadLoop campaign focused on generating phone call leads for larger landscape construction jobs in Rhode Island.

People Are Talking About This On Facebook

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We noticed the new metric "People Are Talking About This" on Facebook yesterday, and we're pleased that SnapGrow seems to have a higher number displayed on its Facebook page than the other business pages we've looked at today. While we're glad to see that we have a healthy number of people talking about us on Facebook, we're a data-driven internet marketing company, and nothing drives us crazier than seeing a number that isn't specifically defined. Is there a date/time range that this number refers to? Is there a concrete list of actions that are lumped into the term "talking about?"

Since we mostly use Facebook to keep in touch with our clients and friends, rather than to directly generate sales, we're not overly concerned. But we are curious.

Benchmark: LeadLoop Campaign Launches - Personal Injury Lawyer - Providence, RI

Business Type: Personal Injury Lawyer
Business Location: Providence, RI
Services Offered: Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Slip & Falls, Premises Liability, Wrongful Death, Nursing Home Incidents, Medical Malpractice, Truck & Tractor Trailer Accidents, & more
Sign-Up Date: 8/4/2011
Benchmark: LeadLoop Campaign Launched - 10/5/2011
Woman with neck pain

We just launched a LeadLoop campaign for a personal injury law firm in Rhode Island. The campaign is compartmentalized and hyper-focused on the needs of relatively narrow niches of prospective clients. A/B & Multivariate testing is in-place and we're looking forward to optimizing the campaign as data begins to roll in.

Landing pages for personal injury lawyers are similar to other types of landing pages, but doing an excellent job can be more difficult. The main reason for this is that lawyers and prospective clients often think differently. For example, personal injury lawyers view premises liability and slip and fall cases as distinct categories of lawsuits, whereas prospective clients might not know the difference between the two. People injured in a car accident seeking compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering might think they need a "car accident lawyer" to help them. The problem is that a car accident lawyer might be a lawyer that helps get traffic offenses removed from driving records, rather than someone who persuades an insurance company to issue large settlements.

Expect further updates on personal injury lawyer landing pages, phone call lead generation, etc. as this campaign progresses.

See also: Video Shoot: Personal Injury Law Firm - Rhode Island

Benchmark: LeadLoop Campaign Launches - Mortgage Lender - Worcester, MA

Business Type: Mortgage Lending Bank
Business Location: Worcester, MA
Services Offered: FHA Loans, VA Loans, USDA Loans, Reverse Mortgages, First Time Home Buyer's Loans, Jumbo Loans, Conforming Loans, etc.
Sign-Up Date: 7/10/2011
SnapGrow Services: LeadLoop, EssentialOptimization
Benchmark: LeadLoop Campaign Launched

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After weeks of thorough due diligence/compliance evaluation, this mortgage lending bank's LeadLoop campaign was approved by the corporate office and it launched earlier this week. The PPC lead generation campaign targets prospective borrowers looking for USDA Loans, VA Loans, FHA Streamline Refinancing, Reverse Mortgages, First Time Home Buyer's Loans, and more. These prospective borrowers are met with a hyper-focused ad specifically addressing the exact loan type they're seeking. Upon clicking this ad, they arrive at an appropriate page from the portfolio of hyper-focused mortgage landing pages we built. These landing pages validate the assumptions that led the prospective borrower to click the ad in the first place, and they feature prominent and unavoidable calls to action - to pick up the phone and call this bank.

We're excited to monitor results and optimize the campaign based on the data we gather as the campaign builds performance history, but we're off to a solid start before substantial optimization. Already, one missed call was promptly called back and it was nice to see the details on this lead filled out in the LeadLoop client dashboard on Another lead was a 9 minute phone call, and it seems likely to become a Jumbo Mortgage Loan in the relatively near future. If we can produce the same high quality results with their LeadLoop campaign that we have realized with their EssentialOptimization campaign for the past few months, they'll be an extremely satisfied SnapGrow client.

Sign-Up: Fence Company - North Smithfield, RI

Business Type: Fence Company
Business Location: North Smithfield, RI
Services Offered: Custom Cedar Fences, PVC & Vinyl Fences, Wrought Iron Fences, Chainlink Fences
Sign-Up Date: 10/03/2011
SnapGrow Services: EssentialOptimization

Custom-Built Fence

This family-owned fence company does some commercial fencing, but principally focuses on residential jobs. Their cedar fences are all custom-made with materials generally sourced locally, but at a minimum from within the United States. This results in higher quality fences than you get by purchasing pre-fabricated 6' or 8' sections of fencing from places like Home Depot or Lowe's.

The off-season is around the corner for fence companies and this particular fence company signed up for EssentialOptimization now in order to be well-positioned for their next busy season in spring of 2012. After hearing about SnapGrow from an extremely satisfied client, they are expecting SnapGrow to deliver excellent results. We're confident that we can help them dominate Google Places in and immediately around North Smithfield, and that we can give them a solid presence well into Southeastern Massachusetts as well. We also expect to launch a LeadLoop campaign in the spring to drive more phone call leads to this business.

Sign-Up: Butcher Shop, Meat Market, Grocery Store - Worcester, MA

Business Type: Butcher Shop & Meat Market
Business Location: Worcester, MA
Services Offered: Freshly Cut Steaks, Meats, Poultry. Eggs, Dairy, Cold Cuts, Produce, Discount Groceries, Specialty Groceries, & Plenty of Random Bargains
Sign-Up Date: 9/30/2011
SnapGrow Services: EssentialOptimization, RepBooster
Friendly Butcher in Worcester, MA

This meat market and grocery store is well-known to Worcester-area natives and it has thrived for 65 years due to its discount pricing, high-quality meats, and friendly customer service. Rather than lining the walls with refrigerators, they refrigerate the entire store, which, along with the old-fashioned look and feel, makes a trip to this store an experience rather than merely an errand. For decades, they've posted current pricing on the exterior of their building and now they have nearly one thousand "likes" on Facebook and about two hundred twitter followers who are kept up-to-date on current specials in the store without having to drive by or stop in. With a few exceptions (most of which are already mentioned), they do very limited advertising and marketing.

Being extremely well-liked by their customers, we're confident their RepBooster campaign will pack a punch, resulting in an influx of authentic, credible, and positive reviews on Yelp, Google Maps, and similar places online. Their EssentialOptimization campaign will help this single-location specialty grocery store & butcher shop rank above and along side the massive chain retailers throughout greater Worcester, MA.

Sign-Up: Restaurant & Pub - Narragansett, RI

Business Type: Restaurant & Pub
Business Location: Narragansett, RI
Services Offered: Lunch, Dinner, Pub, Restaurant, Mediterranean Cuisine, Pizza, Seafood, Chicken, Steak, Late Night Menu
Sign-Up Date: 9/28/2011
SnapGrow Services: EssentialOptimization
Late Night Menu for this Narragansett Restaurant

This restaurant thrives because locals and tourists alike who go there enjoy the food, drinks, and atmosphere, rather than because of a large advertising budget. Their internet presence before signing up for SnapGrow consists of their web site, a Facebook page with more than 300 "likes," and a featured listing on an online restaurant directory. If you were to look for the restaurant by name, you'd be likely to find their web site, their Google Places profile, their listing on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Urbanspoon, and similar directories. However, as it currently stands, if you were to search for terms like "restaurants," "places to eat," etc., you'd be unlikely to find this Narragansett restaurant.

This restaurant & pub sponsors a softball team in Narragansett, RI and this was the first year that a member of the SnapGrow team participated. Perhaps coincidentally, this was also the first year that the team won the championship! The restaurant hosted the players post-game for food and drinks, and a co-founder of SnapGrow got to know the owners over the course of the softball season.

The owners - father and son - were looking for someone to help put them "on the map" and SnapGrow answered the call. Their EssentialOptimization campaign will increase their rank on Google Places, Bing Maps, Yahoo! Local, and other important parts of the "local web." The local section of search engines (the section that EssentialOptimization works on) is even more prominent on mobile phones than on laptops and desktops, and a lot of people use their phones to find restaurants and bars. Narragansett, RI has a lot of restaurants, pubs, and bars, and a lot of people looking to go out, so dominating the 7-pack for as many relevant terms as possible is not going to be easy, but once accomplished, it will substantially increase the number of people looking for a place to grab food and drinks in the area who find this restaurant. Internet marketing for Narragansett restaurants it not easy, but we're up for the task.

Sign-Up: Limousine & Transportation Service - Norton, MA

Business Type: Limousine Service
Business Location: Norton, MA
Services Offered: Executive Sedans, Limousines, Wedding Limos, Airport Transportation, Transportation Special Occasions, Wheelchair Accessible Vans, etc.
Sign-Up Date: 9/28/2011
SnapGrow Services: EssentialOptimization

After years of progressively diminished ROI, this limo service is shifting its marketing budget away from phone books and newspapers, and toward the internet. Their basic web site has been live since 1995 and (partially because of this longevity) it has a relatively strong organic presence on Google.

Massport and Green Airport stack

This company's goal is to attract clients from as far north as Sharon, MA and southbound past Attleboro to northern parts of Rhode Island including Pawtucket and Providence. Their EssentialOptimization campaign will stretch their Google Places presence beyond Norton as far as possible.

This company is owned and operated by a husband and wife and they both have an obvious knack for hospitality. We can see why they have so many repeat customers and we hope SnapGrow will be a part of their continued success.