Sign-Up: Brake Shop, Auto Repair & Maintenance, Service Center - Wakefield, RI

Business Type: Auto Repair & Maintenance, Brake Shop
Business Location: Wakefield, RI
Services Offered: Oil Changes, General Maintenance, Brake Repair, Tire Repair, Tire Sales, etc.
Sign-Up Date: 9/28/2011
SnapGrow Services: EssentialOptimization

This franchise business has had a web site for years, and they have a Facebook page, but until recently, they hadn't attempted to gain market share and acquire new customers via the internet. Their updated web site allows customers to book appointments online and they'd like this new function on their web site to have more exposure. While they plan to continue their investment in direct mail, they are attempting to shift their focus away from traditional, offline advertising and migrate their advertising budget toward the internet and toward younger vehicle owners. They offer student discounts as part of their active effort to attract more customers from nearby University of Rhode Island.

EssentialOptimization checklist

This business recently changed its phone number and there is inconsistent and inaccurate contact info all over the web. As it currently stands, a prospective customer might have to look in 4 or 5 sources before they find current & correct contact details for this business.

EssentialOptimization standardizes and optimizes a given business' profiles across the web - systematically and progressively - on an ongoing basis. Typically, the highest priority of an EssentialOptimization campaign is to expand geographic reach and increase ranking on Google Places. However, due to this service center's "directory disarray," cleaning up the mess is priority #1. Fortunately, the two objectives go hand-in-hand, as accurate, consistent listings on third party directories can become citations for a given Google Places business listing, which in turn increases ranking for that listing.

The owner is excited to get started on his EssentialOptimization campaign, and he plans to evaluate the results carefully. If SnapGrow doesn't deliver, he has no obligation to continue paying for it. Our policy of providing our clients with the login credentials for every account we use to claim their business' brand in EssentialOptimization campaigns (should they decide to cancel) would prevent headaches if they were no longer running their EssentialOptimization campaign and they changed their phone number again.

If we were superstitious, we wouldn't share the following fact, but to date, we've NEVER had any of our clients take advantage of either of those customer-friendly policies. Treating our customers well has led our customers to treat us well in return.

Sign-Up: Tractor Dealer - Worcester County, MA

Business Type: Equipment & Tractor Dealer
Business Location: Worcester County, MA
Services Offered: Tractor Dealership, Tractor & Equipment Repair, Equipment Dealer, Construction Equipment, Equipment Rental, Lawn & Garden Equipment, Outdoor Equipment, Excavators, Backhoes, Skid Steers, Compact Tractors, & more
Sign-Up Date: 9/26/2011

Well known throughout Central Massachusetts, this tractor and equipment dealer is the largest of its kind in Worcester County. They have a multi-bay service center, and they pride themselves on the personal touch they provide to their customers in sales, rental, and maintenance/repair. They are an authorized dealer for Kubota, Honda, Terex, Stihl, Exmark, and other leading brands in the equipment industry.

They have advertised extensively with radio, television, and other traditional media. Their web presence is solid, particularly for the tractor and construction equipment industry. Beyond their comprehensive web site, they have a large selection of YouTube videos, some of which are made directly for YouTube, and others which were originally TV spots.

Terex loader

They signed up for LeadLoop to generate phone call leads for construction equipment sales and rentals, backhoe sales and rentals, outdoor equipment sales and rentals, tractor sales and rentals, tractor service and repair, and equipment service and repair. Their LeadLoop PPC lead generation campaign will be comprised of hyper-focused Ad Groups & landing pages that directly correspond to unique customer segments (example: professional grade construction equipment buyers interested in Terex & Kubota).

Beyond their lead generation program, they started EssentialOptimization to increase their ranking in Google Places, along with Bing Maps, Yahoo! Local, and a vast array of other directories. They rank fairly well currently in the immediate area of their showroom, but since what they offer is so unique, one of the main objectives is to expand the geography of their Google Places presence. Unlike many (most?) types of purchases, buying a tractor or a piece of professional grade construction equipment is well worth the drive to the Worcester, MA area from Connecticut, Rhode Island, greater Boston, and Western Massachusetts.

RepBooster only works for businesses that treat customers well, and this place is unique among its peers for its consistently excellent customer service. They're well-known in the community for treating people well, but surprisingly, they have very few online reviews. Their RepBooster campaign will identify their customers that both A) really like this tractor dealer, and B) already actively write reviews online. Once this customer segment is identified, they'll be politely nudged to share their (already known to be positive) thoughts on this business on sites like Yelp, Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, Citysearch, and wherever else these customers already actively write reviews.

We're excited to get to work on behalf of this premiere client, and we're confident they'll be excited with the measurable results SnapGrow provides them.

Video Shoot: Personal Injury Law Firm - Rhode Island

Business Type: Personal Injury Law Firm
Services Offered: Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Slip & Falls, Premises Liability, Wrongful Death, Nursing Home Incidents, Medical Malpractice, Truck & Tractor Trailer Accidents, & more
Sign-Up Date: 8/4/2011
Video Shoot Date: 9/23/2011
Video Shoot Location: Lincoln, RI

Since our partnership with Shave Media began, we've had a lot of fun attending video shoots. This shoot was no exception in that regard, but in just about every other respect, it was different.

First, the video shoot took place in a studio with a green screen. The Shave Media crew was in their element, and they were set up and ready to go early (which seems to be their definition of on-time). Usually, the shoots take place in offices, job sites, showrooms, dining rooms, etc.

Shave Media in partnership with SnapGrow

Second, rather than interview style videos (which are standard), these videos were scripted in order to be compatible with the extensive TV advertising this particular lawyer has been running for years. While his TV ads are more general, these LeadLoop Videos are hyper-focused on specific practice areas, and some of the videos even target subsets of prospective clients within a given practice area. The scripts enabled us to simultaneously zero in on a narrow audience and lean on the branding this particular Rhode Island personal injury lawyer has established.

We shot 16 videos in total, and I'm confident they'll be great. This SnapGrow client's LeadLoop campaign will be that much more effective when the hyper-focused landing pages include hyper-focused videos. Put yourself in the shoes of this personal injury attorney's prospective clients:

  1. You were in a specific type of accident
  2. You search for legal help using terms relevant to the specific nature of your accident (ex: "motorcycle accident lawyer rhode island")
  3. An ad appears that directly addresses your situation
  4. After clicking on that ad, you land on a page entirely dedicated to your particular situation (type of case/injury/accident/vehicle/location)
  5. This landing page has a short, well-produced video in which the very attorney you can speak to if you call now is talking about how he can help with your exact situation

Who knew that internet marketing for personal injury law firms could be so much fun?

Sign-Up: Auto Repair & Auto Body Shop - Narraganset, RI

Business Type: Auto Repair & Auto Body
Business Location: Narraganset, RI
Services Offered: General Auto Repair & Auto Body/Collision Repair
Sign-Up Date: 9/23/2011
SnapGrow Services: EssentialOptimization
friendly auto service technician

This family-owned Auto Body and Auto Repair company has been in business for decades, and has invested heavily in billboard advertising throughout South County, Rhode Island. They have also maintained their presence in both the SuperMedia Yellow Pages and Yellowbook. Aside from having a basic web site, they don't appear to have invested in internet marketing prior to signing up with SnapGrow.

After seeing the EssentialOptimization monthly report for an auto body shop in the area that has been with SnapGrow for a few months, they decided pull the trigger and sign up themselves. Google Places Optimization for auto body and auto repair businesses in this part of Rhode Island can produce dramatic results very quickly, and we're confident they'll like the look of their own reports, too.

Sign-Up: Oil Company - Narragansett, RI

Business Type: Oil Company
Business Location: Narraganset, RI
Services Offered: Home Heating Oil & Fuel Delivery, Some Service & Repair
Sign-Up Date: 9/20/2011
SnapGrow Services: EssentialOptimization

This oil company's service area is relatively small, and the business is almost exclusively focused on delivering heating oil. They won't deliver beyond a few towns in any direction, serving East Greenwich, south to North Kingstown, South Kingstown, Narragansett, and east to Jamestown, but not going as far as Newport. The competitive landscape on Google Places is favorable (few oil companies in the Narragansett, RI area have even bothered to claim their Google Places profile). Their EssentialOptimization campaign should bring them toward the top of the 7-pack (Google only shows up to seven Google Places listings on page one) for all relevant search terms throughout this entire section of Rhode Island. They are a small business, owned and operated by a husband and wife, and they have a very limited budget for marketing and advertising. Aside from their basic web site, they've never done much internet marketing. Dominating the local section of search engine results pages (SERPs) on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing via an EssentialOptimization campaign is probably the single most cost-effective form of marketing this company could invest in. Since it is just a month-to-month service, they'll only stick with the program if it is working, minimizing their risk.

Flickr Account for SnapGrow

Aw, Snap! We also setup a Flickr account for SnapGrow.

Facebook Page for SnapGrow

Aw, Snap! We setup a Facebook page for SnapGrow.

Sign-Up: Tire Dealer & Auto Service Center - West Warwick, RI

Business Type: Tire Dealer & Auto Service Center
Business Location: West Warwick, RI
Services Offered: Full Tire Dealership & All Automotive Repair & Maintenance Services (except Auto Body)
Sign-Up Date: 8/31/2011
SnapGrow Services: EssentialOptimization

Aside from their web site, the only other form of internet marketing this business has deployed is a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign administered by their tire manufacturer. The landing page for this campaign is not set up to effectively drive phone calls and visits to their location, and the front-end (keywords, ads, etc.) is very generic. They plan to switch their sponsored link presence to LeadLoop as soon as their commitment to the manufacturer's PPC campaign ends. Man do we hate long-term commitments!

In the meantime, they're investing in the optimization of their Google Places, Bing Maps, and Yahoo! Local presence with EssentialOptimization. If, for any reason, they aren't completely satisfied with the results of their EssentialOptimization campaign, there would be no delay in reallocating that $199 monthly budget.

Key search terms we'll be targeting are related to both the tire side of the business, and auto service including brake repair, muffler repair, and oil changes. Since convenience for drivers is key in the tire and auto service businesses, their target market is not very large. Beyond West Warwick, we're going to increase their reach and prominence in Warwick, Coventry, and East Greenwich, which approximately matches the geography they cover.

Video Shoot: Divorce Lawyer - Warwick, RI

Business Type: Divorce & Family Law Firm
Services Offered: Divorce Representation, Military Divorce, Child Custody & Visitation Issues, Interstate Child Relocation, Asset Division, Adoption, Family Law
Sign-Up Date: 7/12/2011
SnapGrow Services: EssentialOptimization

As you may know, SnapGrow has partnered with Shave Media for the filming, editing, and production of videos for our clients. We'll be formally announcing our partnership in the future, but you can check out a breakdown of the pricing and services they offer for SnapGrow clients here:

Thus far, we've been very pleased with the LeadLoop Videos. Creating five high-quality videos with just one shoot makes it simple to have unique videos for multiple aspects of a business.

In this case, our client, an RI Divorce Lawyer, chose to make their videos on the following topics: 1) Overview of the Firm, 2) Rhode Island Divorce, 3) Interstate Child Relocation, 4) Military Divorce, and 5) Child Custody Issues.

Several of these videos are hyper-focused on one specific aspect of divorce law, which, when embedded on a hyper-focused landing page, will help increase the percentage of visitors & viewers that pick up the phone and schedule a consultation. Internet marketing for divorce lawyers is difficult due to the competitive landscape -- particularly in Rhode Island -- but these professional videos will give this client a leg up:

Sign-Up: Dentist - Worcester, MA

Business Type: Dentist
Business Location: Worcester
Services Offered: Dental
Sign-Up Date: 7/20/2011
SnapGrow Services: EssentialOptimization

This small family dental practice recently invested in a new web site, along with considerable on-page/on-site SEO. They're not quite ready to run PPC campaigns, but they were intrigued by SnapGrow's Google Places Optimization service, EssentialOptimization. Dental marketing in Worcester, MA is competitive, but we're confident this dental practice will dominate the 7-pack for most relevant search terms shortly. While this dental practice was mostly concerned about Google Places, their EssentialOptimization campaign is also going to rapidly and substantially improve their presence in the local section of SERPs on Bing and Yahoo!