$199 per location per monthNo long-term contracts There is not a consensus term for the local section of search engine results pages (SERPs), but there is agreement that showing up as prominently and as frequently as possible in this section produces additional phone calls and customer visits to your location. This is because many of your prospective customers view this category of results as the most trustworthy and reliable, and because much of the information contained in this section doesn't require a single click to access.

Essential Optimization is an ongoing campaign that increases your rank and prominence in this section of the SERP.

On-Profile Optimization

Sample seearch engine results page

It starts with claiming, creating, and optimizing your business's profiles with the major search engines' respective local sections. We choose the best categories for your business and use ample keywords in the description and more information sections, while always remaining compliant with both the letter and the spirit of the terms & conditions of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

We also carefully select photos and videos to embed within your profiles. These media make your profiles more compelling to prospective customers who see them, and they help to increase ranking.

Coupons and special offers help your listing visually stand out from the rest, and they can also help to improve ranking for your business's listings.

Off-Profile Optimization

EssentialOptimization checklist Citations, which are third-party references to your business, help Google, Yahoo!, and Bing validate that your business is well-established and well-known within your community.

Through a systematic & proprietary process, Essential Optimization generates citations that can be crawled and integrated with your Google Places page and your profiles with the other major search engines. While having more citations than another business in your geographic area and in your industry does not guarantee that you will rank above them in this section of the SERP, it is the single most important factor for doing so.

Measurement & Reporting

Essential Optimization includes access to time-stamped screen shots of both your business's profiles, and SERPs on which your business aspires to rank prominently. This allows you to see the progress of your ongoing Essential Optimization campaign. Each month, you receive a summary of the prior month's activity, and a description of the planned activity for next month. Should you decide to cancel this service, you will have access to all the usernames and passwords used to register profiles for your business.

With no contract, and full access to usernames and passwords should you decide to cancel, you can invest in Essential Optimization with confidence.

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