Starting at $1000 per monthNo long-term contracts Businesses that begin relationships with their customers via phone calls such as lawyers, dentists, and contractors, and those that begin these relationships with visits to physical locations, such as dealerships and retailers, all depend on a steady stream of qualified leads. SnapGrow's LeadLoop - the only lead generation platform of its kind - got its name because it closes the loop on ROI. In other words, there is never any doubt whether LeadLoop is a profitable investment, and if it turns out not to be profitable, businesses using LeadLoop can cancel without worrying about long-term contracts.

The LeadLoop Process:

Identifying Target Market

Businesses using LeadLoop typically choose to focus their lead generation efforts on just one or a handful of target market segments. Contractors might think of these segments as "job types," attorneys might think of these segments as "practice areas," and dentists might think of these segments as "specific treatments," but they all choose to narrow their campaign to focus on the most desirable leads, as opposed to leads for everything they could possibly offer. Identifying target customers for businesses that use LeadLoop is the first step in our process.

Building the Campaign

Armed with a thorough understanding of the type of leads our LeadLoop client wants to focus on, we build a search engine marketing campaign which is comprised of carefully selected keywords, thoughtfully-crafted and compelling ads, and landing pages built to compel visitors to pick up the phone and call our LeadLoop client.

Keyword Research & Selection
After thorough analysis of search volume, average cost-per-click, and other factors, keywords that are principally used by searchers in a "buying" mode are selected over keywords which are principally used by searchers in a "research" mode.

Creating Effective Ads
Writing effective ads starts by writing ads targeting smaller subsets of searchers, rather than the entire prospective customer base of a LeadLoop client. The ads will be written promoting a specific product/service and will only be displayed to people who have searched using keywords that indicate they are specifically interested and likely to be in "buying" mode.

Landing Pages Built to Convert
After someone searches online, and out of all the results displayed, they choose to click on an ad generated by LeadLoop, they land on a page that specifically emphasizes the exact product/service that they are seeking. These landing pages are built to convert visitors into leads, by including multiple prominent "calls to action" along with multiple instances of the phone number to reach your business.

Measurement, Reporting, & Ongoing Optimization

Lead Alerts
As LeadLoop generates each new lead, an email alert is sent to our client that includes the lead's contact information, a description of services required, a description of any sale, estimate, consultation, or appointment scheduled on the call, and an audio recording of the phone call.

Matching Keywords, Ads, & Landing Pages to Leads
LeadLoop precisely tracks which keyword, ad, and landing page leads to each phone call. This is a great leap forward for online lead generation and it is a point of pride for SnapGrow.

Lead to Sale Tracking
When LeadLoop clients receive lead alerts via email, they're politely reminded to keep track of the outcome of the lead. LeadLoop clients classify all leads throughout the customer lifecycle: initial call from LeadLoop, estimate/consultation/appointment, sale, revenue, profit, and any other parameters the client requires. This level of tracking, along with matching keywords, ads, and landing pages to each call makes LeadLoop unique among all lead generation platforms.

Optimize for Sales, Not Just Clicks or Calls
Using the keyword, ad, and landing page match data provided by the LeadLoop platform, along with the information on sales provided by the client, we optimize every LeadLoop campaign to be as profitable as possible. LeadLoop becomes smarter over time, and emphasizes the keywords, ads, and landing pages that are the most effective. LeadLoop is a month-to-month service, but each month we have more data to make every dollar you invest produce more calls, customers, and return.

Confidently Measure Your ROI

The data provided by both our platform and our clients enables LeadLoop clients to compare the cost of LeadLoop to the revenue & profit it produces each month. Ambiguity about ROI and long-term contracts are the norm in the local advertising industry. SnapGrow's LeadLoop is forging a better and thoroughly unambiguous way for small and mid-sized businesses to generate leads online and measure their results.

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