Starting at $250No long-term contracts Online Reviews have the potential to both substantially help and to substantially harm a business. Businesses offering excellent service to their customers at fair prices that have no or few reviews indicating the quality of their offering have two vulnerabilities:

Vulnerability # 1: Reputation sabotage from unreasonable customers and/or unethical competitors in the form of multiple negative reviews.

Vulnerability # 2: Looking bad by comparison to competing businesses in the area with many positive reviews. The relative silence of your past customers compared to the apparent wellspring of enthusiasm for your competitor sends a strong signal to your prospective customers that your competitor is probably the better choice.

Common Mistakes

RepBooster checklist There are many bad choices one can make in an effort to increase the volume of positive online reviews for their business. These bad choices include reviewing yourself and asking friends to review your business. Even simply asking your customers that you know are satisfied with your business to review you online is a tactically unwise move, as many of your customers that like your business have no track record of writing reviews online, and reviews from accounts that review just one business one time carry less weight, and they can be categorized as spam by Yelp, Google Places, and other review sites and aggregators.

The Smart Way to Boost Your Business's Online Reputation

RepBooster is SnapGrow's reputation service that identifies our clients' customers that both A) really like our client, and B) actively write reviews online. This segment of customers—loudmouths who love you—is extremely valuable and should be treated with special care. After we've identified this customer segment, we increase the number of favorable reviews they create, and ensure that the reviews make you rank higher, for more searches, in more places, and that the authentic voice of your biggest fans is loud enough for your prospective customers to hear.

100% White Hat

RepBooster is completely white hat, meaning that it is universally considered "fair play," and that it complies with both the spirit and the letter of terms and conditions, user agreements, and site policies. This means that RepBooster subscribers don't have to conceal the fact that they used the service.

RepBooster only works for businesses that treat their customers well. If that describes your organization, then consider trying SnapGrow's RepBooster.

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